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Franco Pepe

In 1931, Franco Pepe's grandfather, Ciccio, laid the foundation for a culinary legacy when he opened a humble bakery in...

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Massimo Spigaroli

Born into a lineage of farmers, restaurateurs, and butchers in Polesine Parmense in 1958, Massimo Spigaroli's culinary odyssey began with...

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Giuseppe di Iorio

Giuseppe di Iorio's culinary odyssey was ignited by the vibrant sights and scents of the market, coupled with his mother's...

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Antonino Cannavacciuolo

Italian cuisine is deeply rooted in regional pride, with chefs often drawn to their hometowns to showcase local ingredients and...

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Fabrizio Marino

From youthful escapades to culinary enlightenment, Fabrizio Marino's path has been marked by transformation and culinary innovation. Born in Tuscany...

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Teresa Buongiorno

Running an experimental restaurant in Puglia, known for its classical dishes, posed challenges for self-taught chef Teresa Buongiorno. However, her...

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Eckart Witzigmann

Training Eckart Witzigmann, an Austrian chef, began his culinary journey with a chef apprenticeship at the Hotel Straubinger in Bad Gastein...

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Norbert Niederkofler

Culinary Excellence in South Tyrol South Tyrol, Italy, boasts 21 restaurants with 26 Michelin stars. St. Hubertus, led by chef Norbert...

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Mark Dodson

Early Culinary Influences Mark Dodson’s earliest culinary memories revolve around his family's appreciation for good, home-cooked food. His parents' adherence to...

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Galton Blackiston

Early Entrepreneurship Galton Blackiston's culinary journey began unexpectedly, as he initially aimed for a career in professional cricket. However, his entrepreneurial...

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Simon Gueller

Early Career Simon Gueller's culinary journey began with a stint in London before he became head chef and proprietor of Millers...

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Colin McGurran

Early Life and Training Born in Zambia and raised in the UK, Colin McGurran's culinary journey began with training at Bournemouth...

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