Colin McGurran

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Early Life and Training

Born in Zambia and raised in the UK, Colin McGurran’s culinary journey began with training at Bournemouth College. His passion for fine dining led him to work at the 2-Michelin-starred Domaines Haut de Loire in France, followed by a role as banqueting manager for the UAE royal family in Abu Dhabi.

Television Appearances

McGurran became a familiar face on television, appearing on shows like Saturday Kitchen, Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, and Great British Menu. His impressive creations, including the Quail in the woods starter and the Dickin medal dessert, earned him recognition and acclaim.

Ownership of Winteringham Fields

In 2005, McGurran purchased Winteringham Fields in North Lincolnshire, a prestigious restaurant with rooms. Drawing inspiration from previous owners, Germain and Annie Schwab, he aimed to maintain and elevate the restaurant’s stellar reputation for fine dining.

Emphasis on Farm-to-Table

McGurran expanded Winteringham Fields, developing eight acres of property into a fully functioning farm and nursery. He prioritized a “One-Mile Menu” philosophy, sourcing ingredients locally and growing herbs and vegetables on-site. This commitment to provenance and sustainability resonated with both staff and customers.

Creative Culinary Approach

Nature serves as a major influence on McGurran’s cuisine, with menus guided by the seasons and ingredients sourced directly from the farm. His dishes exhibit both simplicity and complexity, often showcasing molecular mastery while maintaining a focus on natural flavors.

Tasting Menu Experience

Winteringham Fields offers a 7 or 9 course “Menu Surprise,” providing diners with a culinary journey that highlights the restaurant’s ethos and dedication to quality produce. McGurran believes this approach allows customers to appreciate the full spectrum of flavors and techniques showcased in each dish.

Michelin Star Recognition

In October 2018, Colin McGurran and his team at Winteringham Fields were awarded a Michelin star, recognizing their exceptional culinary work and commitment to excellence.

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