Fabrizio Marino

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From youthful escapades to culinary enlightenment, Fabrizio Marino’s path has been marked by transformation and culinary innovation. Born in Tuscany in 1979, Marino’s upbringing exposed him to contrasting culinary traditions from his Puglian mother’s light, vegetable-centric dishes to his father’s hearty, meat-focused meals.

Early Years: Rebel to Chef

Marino’s youth was characterized by rebellious behavior, often finding himself in trouble. His early forays into the culinary world at a small restaurant in Florence showcased his playful experimentation with recipes, despite frequent reprimands.

Professional Development

Marino’s formal culinary training at Ristorante Cibreo instilled discipline and professionalism, providing a foundation for his career. Further experiences at establishments like Baraonda in London and Artegaia in Florence honed his skills.

Influence of Pietro Leemann

A turning point came in 2008 when Marino joined Pietro Leemann’s renowned vegetarian restaurant, Joia, in Milan. Leemann’s philosophy of “natural cuisine” deeply influenced Marino, fostering a newfound respect for nature and ingredient quality.

Culinary Philosophy and Personal Transformation

Under Leemann’s mentorship, Marino’s culinary style evolved, incorporating Mediterranean flavors and highlighting the simplicity of ingredients. This culinary journey also led to personal transformation, with Marino adopting a pescatarian diet and embracing spirituality.

Continuation of Culinary Excellence

In 2017, Marino assumed the role of head chef at Papaveri e Mare on the Tuscan coast, where he continues to showcase his innovative vegetarian cuisine alongside seafood specialties.

Creative Expression and Culinary Harmony

Marino’s passion lies in creativity, reflected in his inventive dishes such as Buckwheat with milk and cheese and Butterfly salad. He approaches each ingredient with care, likening them to harmonies in music, aiming to inspire through every plate.

Fabrizio Marino’s culinary journey embodies a fusion of creativity, respect for nature, and a commitment to culinary excellence, earning him recognition as a talented chef and innovator.

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