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Alastair is a self-taught chef and former head chef at Old Compton Wine Bar London, from 1974 to 1976. His cookery has been a major catalyst in the evolution of modern British cuisine.


As a boy, Alastair travelled widely across Europe because his father was a naval officer. His travels ignited his passion for food, although he didn’t study cooking formally, preferring to read archaeology at Cambridge.

After university, he returned to the kitchen and learned his trade at London venues, before setting up on his own, first with Suffolk restaurant Le Routier and then Simpsons in Putney. Alistair’s eponymous restaurant, which he opened in Soho in 1985, soon became known as one of the great London eateries. It eventually closed in 2009.

Alastair Little was also a chef at L’Escargot restuarant in London from 1981 to 82.

He has won the Times Restaurant of Year award, in 1993.

He was also the proprietor of Tavola in 2003.

Little has published a number of books, including; Keep It Simple (1993), Food of the Sun (1995), Italian Kitchen (1996), and Soho Cooking (2000).

Among his interests are reading, mycology, and watching sport.

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Adrian’s presentations are filled with knowledgeable tips and entertaining anecdotes, and this combination always makes for a highly entertaining show. Adrian has been an important chef in the development and implementation of British cuisine, and his speaking topics get right to the heart of the importance of food in Britain.

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