Tinie Tempah for Kitchen Ventures

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The British TV presenter and rapper Tinie Tempah has joined in a partnership with food technology start-up Kitchen Ventures to launch his very own business.

This new collaboration sees the birth of a fried chicken line by the rapper, and it offers the convenience of home delivery, which is vital during this time in the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a pop-up restaurant at London’s Willows on The Roof.

This business, called RAPS, was described as an “inclusive community of indulgent and healthy soul food fans, with hip hop ideologies at its core”.

This line is set to go live on 11 March 2022, and features affordable dishes such as Buffalo Souja, branded as a “Buttermilk fried chicken wRAP with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, house pickles, tomato & lettuce” and can be found on Kitchen Ventures’ website.

The rapper said: “It just felt right. Food is an exploration of culture through its ingredients and flavours and London, the city I’m from, is rich with diversity and culture; it was really exciting to work on something where I was able to combine the food I love and grew up on (both in the home and on the high street) and the music that inspired me to be who I am today’.

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