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Dharshini David is a distinguished broadcaster and economist with extensive expertise in financial news. Appointed as the Chief Economics Correspondent for BBC News in July 2023, she is renowned for her ability to explain complex economic concepts to general audiences and cover critical economic stories with clarity and insight.

Career Highlights:

  • Early Career:
    • Dharshini began her professional journey as a government economist, where she developed a solid foundation in economic analysis and policy-making.
    • Transitioned to the private sector as a Senior UK Economist at HSBC Investment Bank, working on the trading floor and gaining firsthand experience in financial markets.
  • BBC Economics Correspondent (2000-2006):
    • Joined the BBC as an economics correspondent, contributing to national news bulletins on BBC One, BBC News 24, and BBC World.
    • Presented on Panorama, bringing economic issues to a broad audience.
  • BBC New York Business Presenter (2006-2008):
    • Moved to New York to cover the emerging credit crunch from Wall Street, providing critical insights during a pivotal time in global finance.
    • Presented World Business Report, delivering comprehensive business news.
  • Tesco Head of Broadcast (2008-2009):
    • Advised the board on broadcast media relations and implemented media training for directors, enhancing corporate communication strategies.
  • Sky News Business and Economics Correspondent (2009-2013):
    • Returned to London to cover business and general news programs for Sky News, broadening her broadcasting experience.
  • Economic Consultant and Regulatory Role (2013-2018):
    • Worked as an economic consultant at Daiwa Capital Markets, providing strategic economic analysis.
    • Served on the Financial Services Consumer Panel of the Financial Conduct Authority, contributing to consumer protection in financial services.
  • Return to BBC (2018-Present):
    • Rejoined the BBC as Senior Economics Correspondent in 2018, covering major economic events and trends.
    • Appointed as the BBC’s first Global Trade Correspondent in 2020, focusing on international trade issues.
    • Serves as Chief Business Presenter for Radio 4’s Today programme, engaging listeners with in-depth economic reporting.


  • The Almighty Dollar (2018):
    • Explores the economic foundations underpinning the modern world, making complex financial concepts accessible to a broad audience.
  • The Eco Dollar: How the Global Green Economy Really Works for Business, the World and You (2023):
    • Examines the rapidly changing global green economy, providing insights into sustainable business practices and economic trends.

Skills and Expertise:

Dharshini David excels in holding policymakers accountable and making intricate economic concepts comprehensible to the public. Her diverse background in government, banking, and media has established her as a trusted and authoritative voice in financial journalism.

Personal Life:

Dharshini’s career reflects her deep passion for economics and her commitment to educating the public on significant financial issues. Her work continues to shape the understanding and engagement of audiences with economic news and global financial trends.

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