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Valentine Warner is a celebrity chef and bestselling author.

He grew up on a farm in Dorset and learned to fish, shoot and cook from a young age. He studied an art course in Bath before heading to London to train as a portrait painter.

Valentine enjoyed a reasonably successful career as a painter, but at 23 he decided to focus his time on cooking.

His first cooking job was at the Halycon restaurant in London. For the next five years he brushed up on his cookery skills, working under chefs including Alastair Little and Rose Carrarini.

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Valentine Warner then set up his own catering business. He cooked private dinners for clients including Yves Saint-Laurent and Gucci. His love of Mexican cuisine inspired him to co-launch Taqueria, a Mexican-style restaurant in Notting Hill.

He started his television career on the BBC in Autumn 2008 with ‘What to Eat Now’, a cookery programme based on his book of the same name. His recipes appeared quite regularly in the “Living” section of the television and radio guide magazine, Radio Times, during the six weeks that his programme was being shown on BBC2.

In one of the final recipes which he wrote for the Radio Times “Living” section, he discusses recipes with mackerel, stating that if he could eat only one fish, it would certainly be mackerel. Valentine also writes a recipe feature every month for olive magazine.

Valentine fronted the second BBC television series of What To Eat Now, in summer 2009.

‘What to Eat Now’ became a bestseller and was followed by another bestseller entitled ‘What to Eat Now – More Please!’.

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