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Niklas Ekstedt is a food writer and owner of the Michelin-starred restaurant Ekstedt. He has written four cookbooks and the host of two cooking shows.

Niklas attended the cookery school of Racklöfska in central Sweden. He then worked for Charlie Trotter in Chicago.

At age twenty-one, Niklas started his first restaurant. Restaurant Niklas in Helsingborg, a town in the south of Sweden, was an immediate success and has since won several awards.

In 2003 Ekstedt opened a second restaurant, Niklas i Viken, located in the village of Viken, near Helsingborg. Then in the same year, Ekstedt’s cooking show, Mat, began airing on Swedish national television.

Niklas Ekstedt opened his second restaurant, Ekstedt, in 2011. Niklas conceived restaurant Ekstedt with the idea of only using the heat from wood flames to cook with. No electricity, no gas. So the concept is to cook all raw ingredients over an open fire, and the restaurant only uses Scandinavian wood for a truly unique character.

In 2020 Niklas appeared as a judge in Crazy Delicious. The show was hosted by comedian Jayde Adams alongside celebrity chefs Heston Blumenthal and Carla Hall.

Niklas has become a local legend in his native Sweden. He is available for speaker engagements and personal appearances from Useful Chefs.

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