Caterina Ceraudo

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A Childhood on the Farm: Nurturing a Passion for Wine and Food

Growing up amidst the vineyards and olive groves of her family’s farm in Calabria, Caterina Ceraudo developed a deep appreciation for the land and its bounty from an early age. Immersed in a culture of wine production and culinary excellence, she found herself drawn to the world of wine during her summer holidays, curating the family restaurant’s wine list and discovering the intricate nuances of winemaking.

Exploration and Education: From Oenology to Culinary Arts

Driven by a passion to explore the realms of hospitality, Caterina pursued studies in oenology in Tuscany, honing her expertise as a sommelier. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she discovered a newfound love for cooking during her course. Eager to delve deeper into the culinary arts, she sought hands-on experience, refining her skills under the guidance of acclaimed chefs like Niko Romito at his culinary school in Abruzzo.

Return to Roots: Elevating Calabrian Cuisine

After gaining valuable experience across Italy and France, Caterina felt a magnetic pull back to her family’s restaurant, Dattilo. With a vision to modernize traditional Calabrian cuisine while honoring its heritage, she embarked on a culinary journey to showcase the region’s diverse flavors and ingredients. With the support of her family, Caterina took the reins at Dattilo, infusing the restaurant with her signature style while maintaining its esteemed Michelin-starred status.

Farm-to-Table Excellence: Harvesting the Bounty of Calabria

Caterina’s culinary philosophy revolves around simplicity and reverence for seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Drawing inspiration from the biodynamic farm surrounding Dattilo, she celebrates the richness of Calabria’s land and sea, incorporating fresh produce, seafood, meats, and cheeses into her menus. With an emphasis on organic, biodynamic farming practices, Caterina ensures that each dish reflects the flavors and essence of the region.

A Rising Star: Shaping the Future of Italian Cuisine

At just twenty-nine years old, Caterina Ceraudo stands as a shining example of culinary excellence in Italy. With her innovative approach to traditional cuisine and commitment to sustainability, she has earned recognition as one of the country’s most promising chefs. As she continues to elevate Calabrian cuisine and expand her culinary horizons, Caterina’s future in the culinary world shines bright with the promise of even greater achievements.

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