Ben Tish

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A Culinary Awakening

Ben Tish’s journey into the culinary world began unconventionally. Growing up in Skegness, his passion for food was sparked by his parents’ culinary enthusiasm. However, it wasn’t until after his A-levels that he considered pursuing a career in the kitchen.

Mentorship and Learning

An opportunity to work at a small hotel restaurant opened doors for Ben, where he learned under the mentorship of Jason Atherton. This experience laid the foundation for his culinary journey, leading him to prestigious establishments like The Ritz and Coast.

Mediterranean Influence

Ben’s culinary repertoire expanded as he delved into Mediterranean cuisine, refining his skills and palate. Stints at L’Oranger, Al Duca, and a head chef role in the West Highlands enriched his understanding of Italian and Mediterranean cooking.

Salt Yard Era

Thirteen years at Salt Yard marked a significant chapter in Ben’s career, where he not only honed his culinary prowess but also delved into the business side of restaurant operations. His tenure saw the growth of Salt Yard into a renowned restaurant group.

Norma: A Culinary Gem

Norma, Ben’s brainchild, reflects his passion for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant, born out of years of experience and culinary exploration, garnered critical acclaim for its rustic yet refined dishes.

New Horizons

In 2021, Ben transitioned to Cubitt House as Chef Director, overseeing a diverse portfolio of pubs and restaurants across London. His role involves curating distinctive menus for each establishment, drawing from his rich culinary background and innovative flair.

Ben Tish’s culinary journey exemplifies the fusion of passion, mentorship, and entrepreneurial spirit. With each endeavor, he continues to elevate the London dining scene, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s gastronomic landscape.

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