Angelo Sabatelli

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A Childhood Passion for Cooking

From a tender age, Angelo Sabatelli displayed a remarkable affinity for cooking, experimenting with flavors and techniques in his family kitchen in Puglia. Despite a challenging upbringing, his love for food and dedication to perfecting his craft never wavered.

Early Triumphs and Career Beginnings

Angelo’s culinary journey took flight when he won his first cooking competition at the age of thirteen, showcasing his innate talent and determination. Despite the demands of supporting his family, he pursued his passion, embarking on a career in the restaurant industry.

Global Culinary Exploration

Angelo’s career took him across the globe, from Rome to Jakarta, Shanghai, and Mauritius. These diverse experiences exposed him to a myriad of cuisines, enriching his culinary repertoire and honing his skills. Despite his success, Angelo longed to return to his roots and share the flavors of Puglia with the world.

A Return to Puglia: Crafting Gastronomic Delights

In 2010, Angelo realized his dream of opening his own restaurant in Monopoli, Puglia, with the unwavering support of his wife Laura. Ristorante Angelo Sabatelli soon earned critical acclaim, reflecting Angelo’s deep reverence for Puglian culinary traditions.

Michelin Stardom and Ongoing Innovation

In 2013, Ristorante Angelo Sabatelli earned its first Michelin star, a testament to Angelo’s culinary prowess and commitment to excellence. His dishes, rooted in Puglian heritage yet infused with innovative flair, continue to captivate diners and critics alike.

A New Chapter in Putignano

In 2017, Angelo relocated his restaurant to Putignano, ushering in a new chapter in his culinary journey. This move reinvigorated his passion for cooking, providing fresh inspiration and opportunities for creativity in the kitchen.

Angelo Sabatelli’s culinary odyssey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and a profound connection to one’s roots. As he continues to push the boundaries of Puglian cuisine, Angelo remains a beacon of innovation and excellence in the culinary world.

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