Ana Roš

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A Surprising Career Shift

Ana Roš’s journey to becoming one of the most celebrated chefs in the world was anything but conventional. Leaving behind a promising career in diplomacy to join her husband’s family restaurant, Hiša Franko, Ana’s transition into the culinary world was marked by determination and passion.

Learning on the Job

With no prior experience in the kitchen, Ana embarked on a steep learning curve upon assuming the role of head chef at Hiša Franko. Despite facing numerous challenges, including being pregnant during her culinary journey, Ana’s unwavering dedication and motivation propelled her forward.

Championing Slovenian Cuisine

Ana’s innovative approach to cooking and commitment to sourcing local ingredients transformed Hiša Franko into a culinary destination. By spotlighting the unique flavors and produce of the Soča Valley, Ana not only elevated Slovenian cuisine but also inspired a new generation of chefs to embrace their culinary heritage.

Global Recognition

Ana’s culinary talents caught the attention of the international food scene, culminating in her feature on Chef’s Table and being named The World’s Best Female Chef. These accolades catapulted Hiša Franko to global acclaim and solidified Ana’s status as a leading figure in the culinary world.

A Sustainable Future

Despite her remarkable success, Ana remains focused on continuous improvement and sustainability. By nurturing relationships with local producers and expanding Hiša Franko’s offerings, she is dedicated to evolving the restaurant while staying true to its roots.

A Bright Future for Slovenian Cuisine

Ana Roš’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion and perseverance. As she continues to push culinary boundaries and champion Slovenian cuisine, Ana inspires chefs worldwide to embrace authenticity, innovation, and the unique flavors of their surroundings.

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