Nancy Dell’Olio

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Nancy Dell’Olio is an Italian-British lawyer and TV personality.

Early Life

Nancy Dell’Olio was born in New York in 1961. When she was five her family moved back to Italy, to the town of Bisceglie.

Relationship with Sven

In 1998, Nancy met Sven-Göran Eriksson, then manager of Lazio. The two began a relationship six months later. In 2001, Eriksson then became manager of the England team, and he and Dell’Olio relocated to London.

Nancy studied law at the University of Bari. She later gained a master’s degree from New York University.


In 2005, Nancy hosted the show Footballers’ Cribs on MTV. She gave viewers tours of the luxury homes of English football players.


In 2011, Dell’Olio took part in the ninth series of Strictly Come Dancing.


In June 2007, Dell’Olio published her autobiography, My Beautiful Game.

In 2012, The Sun then announced that Dell’Olio would write a column for its Sunday editions.

Television Appearances

In 2016, Nancy competed in the seventeenth series of Celebrity Big Brother.

She presented her own one woman show, called Rainbows from Diamonds, at Edinburgh Fringe in 2014.

Charity Work

Nancy has visited Red Cross projects in the UK and in Kenya. She is a member of the charity Accademia Apulia UK. The charity aims to foster a dialogue between communities.

She is also the chairwoman of Truce International, the charity she founded with Eriksson. The charity aims to use football as a means of uniting people in areas affected by war.



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