Emily Maitlis

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Emily is one of the BBCs best known newscasters, presenting regular slots on BBC1, BBC2 and News 24, as well as fronting ‘Newsnight‘. She has also written for publications such as ‘The Guardian and ‘The Spectator’, for whom she is now a Contributing Editor.

A graduate of Queens’ College, Cambridge, she speaks fluent Spanish, English, Italian and French, and some Mandarin. Prior to working in news, she was a documentary maker in Cambodia and China. She is the daughter of Professor Peter Maitlis, FRS, Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sheffield and Marion Maitlis.

Emily Maitlis has worked alongside the legendary David Dimbleby to host Election coverage specials and the Budget and was recently nominated for an RTS award. She previously worked at BBC London news, London’s flagship news programme on BBC1. Before joining the BBC she worked for Sky News in England, and for NBC News in Hong Kong, as a business correspondent.

Emily spent six years in the Far East reporting from around the region on longer format pieces from not only China but Cambodia and the Philippines. She even made a documentary for BBC Radio 1 on the clubbing scene in Hong Kong, after the handover of the colony to China. She then covered the handover itself, on location with the Channel 4 team.

During 2005, Maitlis appeared as the question mistress on the game show The National Lottery: Come And Have A Go. She has also presented BBC Breakfast.

From May 2006 until July 2007, she presented STORYFix on BBC News, a more light-hearted look at the week’s news set to up-beat music.

Emily Maitlis is a vastly experienced conference facilitator and awards host.

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