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Abdrew is one of Britain’s best known journalists, political commentators and broadcasters. He is the presenter of the Andrew Marr Show, a Sunday morning current affairs talk show on Britain’s BBC One and has interviewed a whole host of the country’s top politicians. He has held a variety of positions with newspapers such as The Scotsman, The Economist and The Independent from 1981 – 1998. He edited The Independent for two years until May 1998, and was political editor of BBC News from 2000 until 2005.

Andrew marr also wrote as a columnist for The Daily Express and The Observer before being appointed BBC Political Editor in May 2000.

He began hosting a political programme Sunday AM, now called The Andrew Marr Show, on Sunday mornings on BBC One from September 2005. Marr also hosts the BBC Radio 4 programme Start the Week.

In 2007 he presented a political history of post-war Britain on BBC Two, Andrew Marr’s History of Modern Britain, followed by a prequel in 2009 – Andrew Marr’s The Making of Modern Britain focusing on the period between 1901 and 1945.

In 2010 Andrew presented a series, Andrew Marr’s Megacities, examining the life, development and challenges of some of the largest cities in the world.

In early 2012 he presented The Diamond Queen, a 3 part series about the 60 year reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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