Stephen Amos

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Early Career and Beginnings

Stephen Kehinde Amos, born on 3 December 1967, is a prominent British comedian known for his engaging style and audience interaction. He started his career as a compere at the Big Fish comedy clubs in South London, where he honed his skills in front of live audiences.

Comedy Style and Recognition

Amos is celebrated for his ability to connect with his audience, often incorporating them into his performances. This interactive approach has made him a favorite on the international comedy circuit. His talent and popularity led to nominations for Chortle’s Best Compere Award multiple times, notably in 2004, 2007, and 2008.

Television and Media Presence

In addition to his live performances, Amos has a significant presence on television. He has appeared on various comedy shows and panel shows, showcasing his wit and comedic timing to a broader audience.

Continued Influence

Stephen Kehinde Amos continues to entertain audiences globally with his distinctive comedy style and engaging personality. His career highlights his dedication to making people laugh while connecting with them on a personal level through his performances.

Stephen Kehinde Amos remains a respected figure in the comedy industry, known for his ability to entertain and captivate audiences with his humor and charm.

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