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Rachel Johnson is a prominent figure in British journalism, known for her diverse career spanning broadcast, national newspapers, and book publishing. From her early days at the Financial Times to becoming Editor of The Lady magazine and a well-known media personality, Rachel has carved out a unique presence in the media landscape.

Career Highlights

Early Career: Rachel began her career as the Financial Times’ first female graduate trainee, focusing on economic reporting. She later expanded her career at the BBC and spent time in Washington DC as a columnist and freelancer, contributing to prominent publications including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday.

Editor of The Lady: In 2009, Rachel was appointed Editor of The Lady magazine, where she undertook efforts to revitalize the historic publication. Her tenure and efforts were documented in a Channel 4 documentary, highlighting her impact on the magazine’s direction and perception.

Broadcasting: Rachel has been a regular on television and radio, appearing on shows like Question Time, Any Questions, and Have I Got News For You. She hosted her own Sunday night show on LBC Radio and launched the podcast Rachel Johnson’s Difficult Women.

Authorship: Rachel has authored nine books, showcasing her versatility as a writer. Her works include novels like the Notting Hell trilogy, exploring the life of journalist Mimi Fleming in affluent London settings, and Winter Games, a tale of secrets set in 1930s Bavaria and contemporary London. She has also written autobiographical works such as A Diary of The Lady, providing insights into her editorial experience.

Political Engagement: Rachel documented her brief political experience in Rake’s Progress: My Political Midlife Crisis, detailing her involvement with Change UK in the 2019 European Parliament Elections.

Books and Awards

Rachel’s books span a wide range of genres and themes, from fiction exploring societal dynamics to memoirs reflecting on her career and personal experiences. She received the Literary Review’s Bad Sex in Fiction Award in 2008 for Shire Hell.

Personal Life

Rachel resides in Notting Hill and Exmoor with her husband and three children, balancing her career in media with family life.

Rachel Johnson’s career reflects her commitment to journalism, storytelling, and exploring diverse aspects of society through her writing and broadcasting. Her contributions to British media continue to resonate with audiences interested in politics, culture, and contemporary issues.

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