Jon Sopel

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Early Career and BBC Beginnings

Jon Sopel launched his journalism career at the BBC, quickly establishing himself as a skilled reporter with a knack for insightful journalism. His versatility and depth of knowledge soon led to high-profile roles within the organization.

Major Assignments Across the Globe

  • North America Editor: Jon provided extensive coverage and analysis of the political landscape in the United States, reporting on the rise and fall of President Trump.
  • Paris Correspondent: During his tenure in Paris, Jon covered significant events such as the Concorde crash.
  • Kuwait City Correspondent: Jon was stationed in Kuwait City during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, reporting on the ground during the conflict.

Presentational Skills and Broadcasting Career

Jon’s presence has graced a multitude of BBC programs, showcasing his presentational skills and expertise:

  • BBC News Channel
  • The Politics Show
  • BBC News at One
  • BBC Two’s party conference coverage
  • Newsnight
  • BBC World News

Reporting Highlights

Jon has reported live from locations worldwide, contributing to major BBC news bulletins. His assignments have included:

  • Coverage of Nelson Mandela’s funeral
  • Reporting on the inauguration of new Popes
  • Extensive election coverage globally
  • Reporting from war zones including Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Middle East

Jon has conducted interviews with numerous world leaders, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, and other influential figures.

News Agents Podcast and Literary Contributions

In February 2022, Jon departed from the BBC to co-launch the News Agents Podcast with Lewis Goodall and Emily Maitlis. This marked a new phase in his career, exploring new formats and reaching diverse audiences. In July 2023, he expanded his podcasting ventures with News Agents USA alongside Emily Maitlis.

Books and Awards

Jon Sopel is also an accomplished author, with notable works including:

  • Tony Blair: The Moderniser (1995)
  • If Only They Didn’t Speak English: Notes from Trump’s America
  • A Year at the Circus (2019)
  • UnPresidented: Politics, Pandemics and the Race that Trumped All Others (2021)

His literary achievements complement his broadcasting career, earning him accolades such as Political Journalist of the Year and recognition from the Royal Television Society.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Jon resides in London with his wife, Linda, and is actively involved as an ambassador for The Prince’s Trust. His personal interests include golf, travel, and football.

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