Chris Mason

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Early Career and Transition to Westminster Reporting

Chris Mason embarked on his journalism career as a trainee broadcast journalist at ITN in 2001. Shortly after, he joined BBC Newcastle in 2002, where he quickly transitioned to reporting on Westminster by 2004.

BBC Europe Correspondent and Political Reporting

Chris spent two years as the Europe Correspondent for BBC News, broadening his journalistic experience before returning to Westminster as a political reporter for BBC Radio 5 Live. His insightful coverage earned him recognition as a BBC News Political Correspondent in 2012.

Podcast Endeavors and Chair of Any Questions

Known for his engaging style, Chris co-presented the podcast Brexitcast in 2017, later transforming into Newscast post-Brexit. His versatile communication skills led to his appointment as chair of BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions in 2019, succeeding Jonathan Dimbleby.

Elevation to BBC Political Editor

In 2022, Chris Mason was appointed BBC Political Editor, overseeing the BBC’s political coverage following the May local elections.

Noteworthy Moment and Personal Life

During Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations in 2018, Chris famously quipped on BBC Breakfast about the uncertainties of the process. Outside journalism, Chris resides in southeast London with his wife and two children, and enjoys exploring diverse topics, including the Yorkshire Dales, as showcased during his appearance on Celebrity Mastermind.

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