Catherine Hunt

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Catherine Hunt has had a rich and varied career in journalism and media consulting, marked by her expertise in effective communication and storytelling. Here are the highlights of her career:

Career Highlights

Early Career: Catherine began her journalistic journey in local newspapers before advancing to roles at the Press Association and the Daily Mail, where she honed her skills in reporting and writing.

BBC Career: During her tenure at the BBC, Catherine held significant editorial roles, including editing the main TV news shows such as the Six O’Clock News. She also edited live coverage of major news events both domestically and internationally. Her contributions extended to producing various current affairs and business programmes, and she reported for national TV and radio, showcasing her versatility and deep understanding of broadcast journalism.

Media Consultant: After her extensive career at the BBC, Catherine transitioned into media consulting. She now advises a diverse range of clients from private and public sectors on effective communication strategies, helping them articulate their messages clearly and compellingly.


Psychological Thriller: Catherine Hunt is also a published author, known for her psychological thriller Someone Out There. The novel delves into the life of a successful divorce lawyer in Brighton, whose sense of safety is threatened by an unseen adversary. Catherine draws on her intimate knowledge of Brighton from her time working at The Evening Argus, infusing authenticity into the setting and atmosphere of the story.

Personal Life

Catherine Hunt’s career trajectory reflects a commitment to journalistic integrity, effective communication, and compelling storytelling. Her transition from journalism to media consulting and successful foray into fiction writing highlight her versatility and deep understanding of narrative craft.

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