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Adam Fleming is a prominent journalist and broadcaster for the BBC. He is the presenter of the highly popular podcast Newscast and its TV spin-off show, as well as AntiSocial on Radio 4. He is also an author and former Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC.

Career Highlights:

  • Podcast and TV Show:
    • Newscast: Adam presents the UK’s most-listened-to daily podcast, Newscast, and its TV spin-off on BBC One on Thursday nights.
    • AntiSocial: He hosts this Radio 4 weekly program which delves into the culture wars.
  • Radio Documentaries and Series:
    • Boris Johnson Series: Adam made a radio documentary series about the rise and fall of Boris Johnson.
    • Brexit: A Guide for the Perplexed: He presents this series on Radio 4, providing insight into the complexities of Brexit.
    • PM Programme: He regularly stands in for Evan Davis on this popular Radio 4 program.
  • Books:
    • 50 Democracy Ideas You Really Need to Know (2023): Published by Quercus, an imprint of Hachette, this is Adam’s first book, exploring key concepts in democracy.
  • BBC Correspondent:
    • Chief Political Correspondent: Adam reported from Westminster, bringing news to millions.
    • Brussels Correspondent: He broke numerous stories about Brexit negotiations and created the hit podcast Brexitcast.
    • Daily Politics Programme: Reported for this BBC program.
  • Early Career:
    • Newsround on CBBC: Adam’s first job in broadcasting.


  • Hertford College, Oxford: Studied Geography.
  • City University: Studied Broadcast Journalism.

Awards and Achievements:

  • Celebrity Mastermind: Won with the James Bond films of Roger Moore as his specialist subject.
  • University Challenge: Reached the final of the graduate edition.

Personal Life:

  • Adam Fleming’s career is marked by his ability to translate complex political developments into accessible content for a broad audience. His educational background and varied roles in journalism reflect a commitment to informing and engaging the public on critical issues.


Adam Fleming’s work as a journalist and broadcaster has significantly influenced public understanding of political events in the UK. His ability to break major stories and present them in an engaging format, whether through podcasts, radio series, or his recent book, showcases his dedication to journalism. His achievements, from winning Celebrity Mastermind to creating influential programs like Brexitcast, highlight his versatility and impact in the field.

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